Monday, April 27, 2009

The Writer's Center Welcomes After Shocks Reading

On Sunday, April 26, The Writer's Center hosted five poets reading from After Shocks: The Poetry of Recovery for Life-Shattering Events. As the editor of After Shocks, I introduced the five acclaimed contributors, each of whom read their poems from the anthology and then read two others of their choice from the anthology. Poets reading were Carolyn Kreiter Foronda, Clinton B. Campbell, R.G. Evans, Kurt Lamkin, and Marjory Wentworth. Sunil Freeman, assistant director of The Writer's Center, Bethesda, MD, was our gracious host, and I'd like to thank Sunil for scheduling this After Shocks event at his terrific venue, which is dedicated to promoting literature, right in downtown Bethesda. And I'd like to thank the five poets, all of whom traveled great distances to participate. Ms. Foronda drove up from the Tidewater area of Virginia. R.G. Evans drove down from southern New Jersey. Marjory Wentworth made a stop on her way home to Charleston from a Rhode Island seminar. Kurt Lamkin and Clinton B. Campbell both drove all the way from Charleston, SC.

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